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Arizona Real Estate Attorney’s Fees and Consultation Policy

In our office, we welcome any questions clients have regarding legal fees and costs. The basis and amount of the fee in your case will be discussed during your first interview with an attorney in our office. Please understand however, that we are not able to accurately quote fees for a hypothetical case over the telephone. It is impossible for an attorney to fairly determine what a client's best options are, or how much time a particular legal matter might take, without a detailed interview with the client and a preliminary review of the documents. Anyone, including an attorney, who tells you differently is being less than candid and you should usually be prepared for sudden, "unexpected expenses" and additional fees to arise later in the case after you are already financially committed to them. In actual practice, what may seem to the client to be a complex problem may in fact have a simple and inexpensive legal solution, or a seemingly simple matter may involve complicated legal issues, present difficulties in developing evidence or require long and difficult procedures with governmental agencies. We can only make a fair assessment of your problems, potential options and expenses after we are given sufficient information about your case and individual circumstances to advise you on your legal options.

After the initial consultation, if the client wishes to retain our offices to represent him and, if we agree to accept the case, a written fee agreement is provided to the client specifically stating the services to be performed by the attorney. The consultation fee is required to be paid prior to, or at the consultation. Our offices accept payment by cash, cashier's check, international money order, credit card or wire transfer.

Initial Consultation

Unlike many firms where prospective clients meet with a paralegal or office manager, or spend just a few minutes with an attorney, prospective clients always meet with an attorney for up to one (1) hour by an attorney.  Our office charges $295 for a one (1) hour consultation

Benefits of a Consultation: Real Estate and employment law cases (as well as business law matters) are almost always very fact intensive, requiring a thorough analysis of the facts, probing into what the parties said and when, and reviewing relevant documents to see what they state, as well as determining the timing of events.  Thus, to answer the often asked questions, “I just want to find out if I have a case”, all these matters must be considered and weighed.  Even then, merely having a case doesn’t answer what is probably the most important question of all, WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I DO (OR DON’T) HAVE A CASE?

  1. You will have an in-depth, personal and confidential interview with the attorney. This is also your opportunity to ask the attorney all of your questions. But more importantly, the attorney will give you his undivided attention so that  he can thoroughly analyze your matter.

  2. You will learn about strategies, procedures, processing times, likelihood of success, potential issues, and logistics. You may be given information to take home with you.

  3. You and the attorney will discuss fees and costs, billing and payment methods. These are usually discussed after the attorney learns more about your case and is able to decide what course of action is needed.

If your case does not require the services of an attorney, we will tell you why and if possible how to proceed on your own. This can be very valuable to hear this early, before you spend a lot of time, money, and energy on a case you are not likely to win. If we feel that it would be advantageous for you to be represented by an attorney, we will explain the reason for our recommendation so that you may make an informed decision regarding your case. We will advise you of the available options and discuss those options with you including the costs of various options.

What if I only want to ask a question?

Although this question is asked often, it is rare that an individual can frame the legal question so that it may be answered quickly and simply.  For example, let’s take what appears to be a simple employment law issue, such as a failure to receive overtime wages, that is, pay at one and a half times the hourly rate when one works past 40 hours in a workweek.  The answers to a number of questions would need to be considered before a refined conclusion could be given. For example, one key matter would be, what where the employee’s duties, how often did the employee engaged in those duties (employees usually have multiple duties), does the employee work for a private company or a public company? (this would answer if “comp” time is permissible by the employer). How much gross sales does the company generate in a year? (this is important because the law requiring overtime wages doesn’t apply to all businesses); did the employee utilize any tools that came from a different state? How often did the employee utilize items that came from a different state? Did the employee transport “tools of the trade” between jobs (this could raise an issue known as the “motor vehicle exemption”, thus depriving the employee of overtime) Did the employee ever complain about not receiving overtime? (this would shed light on whether the employee could seek 3 years of unpaid overtime versus the normal 2 year statute of limitation). Finally, after all these questions, plus others, are answered, the most important question to consider is “What do I do?, What’s the best course of action?.  So you see, there are rarely just “simple questions”.

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What the Attorney will Review in a Foreclosure/ Short Sale Consultation

The three general options clients have when considering walking away or strategically defaulting (loan modification, foreclosure, or short sale). In an initial consultation the pros and cons of all three options will be discussed. Additionally, the following will be reviewed:

  1. Asset protection, Arizona’s anti-deficiency laws, and an analysis as to whether the bank can come after you for the difference

  2. Tax consequences

  3. Credit ramifications and rehabilitation advise

  4. What to do about HOA dues, property taxes and insurance

  5. Advise on what to do if you are a landlord with a tenant

  6. What you can remove from the property (i.e. appliances). Note- Beware, removing fixtures may expose you to criminal liability.

  7. Employment impact-Can I lose my job if my credit tanks?

  8. Debtor/Creditor issues

  9. Assess whether a bankruptcy may be a consideration

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DISCLAIMER: This site and any information contained herein are intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Seek competent legal counsel for advice on any legal matter.

One hour initial office consultation fee is $295 for the matters discussed above.