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The laws of mortgages and foreclosures are complicated even for many lawyers. Homeowners sometimes have legal defenses, or at minimum have practical tactics in support of their case, but laypeople are unlikely to know what these legal defense/tactics are or how to use them. According to a recent study, a great majority of homeowners who are unable to make their mortgage payments (and are thus facing the loss of their home), do not have legal assistance in protecting their rights. Indeed, what we generally find are two things: first, that homeowners in financial distress are operating under a mountain of misinformation, and second, that they are often following the advice of persons who are not licensed attorneys (e.g.: real estate agents, loan modification companies, etc.). For example, how can a non-lawyer be qualified to answer the question of whether a bank can sue you for the difference if there’s a deficiency?  Or, is it really a good idea to give a bank financial information, which the bank can later use to get a judgment against you?

We all know that life is unpredictable, and circumstances often arise which prevent you from meeting the demands of your creditors. My office is not here to pass judgment on you, or question your integrity - we are legal and real estate professionals who diligently analyze your individual circumstances and try to craft a realistic solution which meets your objectives.

Arizona Foreclosure is the legal process by which the lender obtains the property back due to default in the terms of the payment agreement. This process can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months to complete (from the time the foreclosure process officially begins). In addition to the trauma and anxiety you are likely to feel when you are about to lose your home, there are other unexpected (and unpleasant) consequences that may ensue. Many are under the impression that the only consequence of foreclosure is losing the property when in fact there are a number of implications, such as tax, legal, credit etc., that need to be thoroughly assessed by an experienced attorney when a homeowner is considering letting the property go back to the bank.

If you are about to lose your home to foreclosure, it is important to know that you have options.  At the Law Office of Joseph Velez, we provide advice and guidance regarding this process. When facing foreclosure it is important to get in touch with an experienced Arizona real estate lawyer as soon as possible to learn what your rights and possible defenses are. Banks sometimes fail to observe the strict statutory time and notice requirements which the law says they must follow - and this sometimes aids homeowners who are facing the loss of their property.

However, there is simply no one right solution for everyone, and no one can adequately inform you what is right for you without thoroughly analyzing your circumstances. Unlike other people commonly used for advice in these situations, please know we have no interest in buying your home, refinancing your loan or prospering (and earning a commission) from your misfortune. We are here to give solid and thorough legal and practical advice regarding the foreclosure and the viable options (and potential defenses) you may have. If credit cards or medical bills are the problem, we can assist with those too.

Our office advises and counsels clients regarding the following related areas:

• Time Limits Imposed in Arizona Foreclosures

• Lenders Potential to Sue for a Deficiency

• Legal Defenses to Arizona Foreclosures

• Time Extensions

• Should you seek to postpone the foreclosure? And when is it advisable?

• Should you attempt a loan modification? If so, should you do it on your own or through an attorney?

• What are the advantages and perils of giving the property back to the bank in the form a - deed-in-lieu of?

• Tax Consequences

• Foreclosure Rescue Artists and Scams

Credit impact? Is a foreclosure really far worse than a short sale? (The answer would surprise you).

If you are finding it difficult to make your mortgage payments, do not hesitate and do not be passive. You should take immediate action which includes properly arming yourself with sound legal and practical advice. If we can be of assistance in this regard, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

The Law Office of Joseph Velez, is dedicated to giving our clients realistic and straightforward advice that can help them with this tough decision-making process. With his experience in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa, Arizona real estate matters, Attorney Velez counsels residential foreclosure clients on an individual basis. He is knowledgeable ad experienced in the many considerations and facets of the foreclosure process, and can effectively explain that process and your options.

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Warning: If you have an account with the same bank that collects your mortgage (either first or second), and you have decided to stop paying your mortgage, please be aware that the banks are permitted to withdraw the money from your account.  (You may not be aware of this but you probably authorized them to do this.)

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