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If you are asking the court to issue the injunction without giving the defendant a chance to be heard first, you must show that great or irreparable harm will result if the injunction is not issued until after the defendant has been given notice and a chance to be heard. If the Court does not find that great and irreparable harm will result unless the Injunction Against Harassment is issued immediately, a hearing may be set and the defendant will have a chance to be heard before the injunction may be issued.

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Defending Against An Injunction Against Harassment Or An Order Of Protection

Let’s face it, sometimes you get wrongfully accused of harassing someone. Perhaps it is a vendetta, a figment of the accuser’s imagination, or something else. We have significant experience in defending against meritless injunctions. The mere accusation, even if unfounded, can be devastating to your reputation and may imperil your chances of employment, could lead to the loss of your right to possess a firearm, restrictions on where and when you can go places, etc. (Note: these matters become public records that can be easily searched and identified). For example, we often find that neighbors who become “unneighborly” will seek and order restricting how close you can come to their home, and whether you are to stay away from certain “areas”, etc. Additionally, if left unchallenged, then often the mere allegation that you violated the injunction against harassment may land you in custody. If the individual served with the Order or Injunction feels that it is unjust, lacks evidentiary support, or is based upon misleading the court as to the true facts surrounding the relationship of the parties, the responding party must request a hearing to challenge the validity of the Order or Injunction. The Court will hold a hearing if requested. Before you go to court, it is wise to get an attorney. It is important to understand how serious the courts consider these matters and how care you preparation should be in defending against these charges. You have the right to defend yourself against an order of protection or injunction against harassment. Please call our law firm immediately upon receiving a "stay away" order, so that we can thoroughly investigate and mount a defense on your behalf.

More on Injunctions Against Harassment and Protective Orders

If your stalker, harasser, or abuser is a related to you, then we can assist you in obtaining a protective order (Order of Protection).  Attorney Joseph Velez believes no one should live in fear or be the subject of harassment or abuse. That is why we make ourselves available when you need us to assist you. Remember, if you feel you may be in danger, call the police first. Also, if you already have an Order of Protection or an Injunction against Harassment, and the person you have the Restraining Order against is violating that Order and continuing their harassment, stalking, threats, or abuse, contact the local police department. In either event, after contacting the police, or if you are not in danger, you should contact us.

Typical Questions we cover in a Consultation:

  1. What is an injunction against harassment?

  2. What is an injunction against workplace harassment?

  3. If I was wrongfully accused of harassing conduct, what should I present to the court to have the injunction order quashed?

  4. What are the different types of orders of protection, and which one is available to me?

  5. What is an emergency order of protection and do I qualify for one?

  6. Do I have to put my address on Petition to obtain an injunction against harassment?

  7. How long will the Order of Protection or Injunction against harassment be in effect?

  8. Can the court modify the injunction against harassment?

  9. What evidence should I present to support my case if the harassing party challenges my injunction or protective order?

(Note: our office normally recommends that you have an attorney represent you at these hearings). 

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If you or your children, are being stalked, or have been victim to an incident of harassment there are measures that can be taken to put an end to the harassment and better ensure your safety. An Injunction Against Harassment is an order against any person who has conducted a series of acts deemed to be harassing in nature. A Injunction Against Harassment can order one party to not commit acts of domestic violence, to not go near the residence, place of employment, school or other specific locations of the other party, and/or order any other necessary relief needed to protect the alleged victim.

Harassing behavior can include violence, stalking, threats, or sexual harassment. According to the law harassment must involve a SERIES of acts. A single incident does not constitute legal harassment. The following characterizes harassing behavior:

- Occurrence can be over a long or short period of time

- Shows a continuity of purpose

- Is directed at a specific person

- Must significantly alarm, annoy or harass without a legitimate purpose

- Results in a reasonable person suffering from substantial emotional distress

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