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Lenders & Tax Lienholders

Enforcing Your Secured Real Property Rights

Save Fees

Most of our Lender and Tax Lienholder services are offered at flat or no-fee rates.  Contact an attorney TODAY to start saving time and money.


Mortgages (§ 33-701 et seq)

Deeds of Trust (§ 33-801 et seq)

Secured Investments

As a lender or tax lienholder, you have made a secured investment into one of the most durable and dependable assets – real estate. Fortunately, even in a tough market, your investment remains safe. At Arizona Property Law, we help ensure a return on your investment through our foreclosure and trustee services representation. With over 1,000 non-judicial foreclosures, we know the ins and outs of the process. Let us help you with one of our lender services, including:

    • Trustee’s Sales
    • Post Foreclosure Evictions
    • Judicial Foreclosures
    • Deficiency Lawsuits
    • Foreclosure Excess Proceeds
    • Mortgage Defense
    • Equitable Mortgages
    • Tax Lien Foreclosure
    • Personal Property Disposition
Flat Fee Services

The majority of our lender and lienholder services are charged a flat-fee, or even no-fee, rates, conforming to national or regional industry standards. Our set rates allow you to budget your legal needs with peace of mind and certainty. You will never have to wonder about the work or the bill, leaving the hassle of legal work to our qualified hands.

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