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You’re not a lawyer, but your clients expect you to have accurate answers to their legal questions. We have you covered. Register for access to our dedicated hotline for licensed realtors, brokers, and escrow agents. Get immediate, accurate answers to legal questions, like:

    • What protective steps should a homeowner take when renting out a property with a pool?
    • How can you challenge a fraudulently recorded document?
    • What happens when a foreclosed property is repurchased by the previous owner?
    • How can you secure legal access to landlocked property?
    • Who covers damage to a property that occurs after final inspection but before closing?
    • How can your client clear title to their property?

We also provide legal representation for all real estate needs, including:

    • Document & Title Review
    • Entitlement
    • Title Defect
    • Quiet Title Litigation
    • Conveyances & Title Transfers
    • Partition & Sale
    • Title Probate
    • Seller or Buyer Breach of Contract
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