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Apartment Managers & Landlords

You Manage the Property – We Will Manage the Legal


Need to collect rent or evict a tenant? Contact an experienced real estate attorney TODAY!


Landlord-Tenant Act (§ 33-1301 et seq)

Rental Property Act (§ 33-1901 et seq)

Rental Inspection (§ 9-1301 et seq)

FED Actions (§ 12-1171 et seq)

Landlord Representation

You have more than enough to manage without chasing down rent and evicting tenants. We provide quality, professional landlord representation so you can do what you do well and leave the hassles to us, including:

    • Notice of Breach
    • FED (Evictions)
    • Writ of Restitution
    • Possession
    • Judgment Perfection
    • Garnishment
    • COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium
Eviction Moratorium Info

The CDC has extended the COVID-19 eviction moratorium thru July 31, 2021. The most recent statement by the CDC extending the Order can be found here. The eviction moratorium applies only to non-payment of rent and does not preclude evictions for other reasons. Additional information and resources on how Arizona courts will handle eviction proceedings after expiration of the moratorium can be located at the following links:

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